I’m excited to announce that myself @uniqueaerialists, the amazing @jadore.vanessa and @aerialbeauty have teamed up to host a 30 day aerial yoga Instagram challenge!

The Challenge

This challenge is for our amazing followers from around the world and of all abilities! We have a pose for each day in November. We have chosen moves of all abilities and if the move is harder you will be able to do a variation if you need to. Everyone is welcome to join us in the yoga fun! One host will post the move the night before so you can see it and have a go. As we know not everyone can play on an aerial yoga trapeze/sling everyday, below is a list of the moves so you can get gorgeous pictures of a few of them at the same time.

1/11 – Inverted camel pose
2/11 – Standing gazelle
3/11 – Inverted split
4/11 – Man in the moon pose
5/11 – Butterfly pose
6/11 – Front balance
7/11 – Coffin pose
8/11 – Arabesque pose
9/11 – Knee hang (any variation)
10/11 – Conditioning exercise of participant choice
11/11 – Standing split using yoga trapeze
12/11 – Scorpio
13/11 – Bananaman stretch
14/11 – Mermaid pose
15/11 – Straddle
16/11 – Back balance
17/11 – Wineglass pose
18/11 – Floating split
19/11 – Handstand/elbow stand
20/11 – Conditioning exercise of participants choice
21/11 – Inverted butterfly pose
22/11 – Cat/cow stretch
23/11 – Forward fold
24/11 – Dove pose
25/11 – Splits overhead
26/11 – Flow using any moves of participants choice
27/11 – King pigeon pose
28/11 – Needlescale using yoga trapeze
29/11 – Flying spider pose
30/11 – Cocoon
Below is also three videos including all the poses so you can see what they are, if you do have any questions about what the moves are please send one of us a message.


As a thank you for supporting this challenge and being so amazing, we have arranged for some incredible sponsors who want to show their love for your dedication and hard work as well.

Yoga Body Fitness will be giving a yoga trapeze to one winner.

Confused Girl in the City will be giving an item of clothing to one winner.

[Koruai Yoga Jewelry](https://www.instagram.com/koruailtd/) will be giving one winner a Japa Mala necklace and a yoga mat bag.
[Lyfe Tea](https://www.instagram.com/lyfe_tea/) will be giving 5 wild card prizes of 14 day TeaTox kits.
#### Rules

It’s super easy to take part, the rules are:

  1. Must be following on Instagram all hosts and sponsors involved (Hosts: @jadore.vanessa, @uniqueaerialists, @aerialbeauty, / Sponsors: @yogabodyfitness, @confusedgirlla, @koruailtd, @lyfe.tea)
  2. Repost the main picture on Instagram, tagging three friends who you think would like to participate.
  3. Must participant all 30 days. (Posting pictures/videos to Instagram.)
  4. Must use #30daysofyogatrapeze
  5. Be sure to tag or mention in your comments all hosts and sponsors involved.
Head over to Instagram to get involved, we’re so excited for this to start on the first of November and to see all of your inspiring posts! xx