Aerial silks is such a beautiful art. The wraps and the movement just look so graceful and elegant! Even the most simple moves can look stunning. It wasn't difficult for me to find 5 moves that I think are beautiful, though it was difficult to narrow it down!

The Shapes

I have picked moves from beginner through to advanced level (not in order). These shapes would look great in any photoshoot setting! As always, the full, in-depth tutorials for all of these moves, including common mistakes and linked pre-requisites are on Unique Aerialists Academy. Here are 5 aerial silks moves I think are beautiful:

  • Rainbow Marchenko
  • Wristlock Thread The Needle
  • Back Sail
  • Catchers Wrapped Straight Leg
  • Eiffel Tower

If you want to try move gorgeous silks moves, check out these Belay Shapes.

Be unique,
Robyn xx