My students tend to groan when I say we're working on elbow hangs. To be honest, I somewhat share their opinion! I smile on the outside but they make me cry a little on the inside. I prefer non painful moves like Gazelles! I know elbow hangs do get less painful the more we train them, and they definitely don't hurt me as much as they used to. I put off filming this video for months but I'm pleased I finally did it as I'd forgotten how many shapes you can make!

The Elbow Hangs

There are some beautiful shapes you can make using elbow hangs, both on the top bar, on the bottom bar, using one elbow or both elbows. Here are my favourite 10! As always, the step by step tutorials for all of these moves can be found on Unique Aerialists Academy.

  • Double Elbow Hang
  • Single Elbow Hang
  • Elbow Hang Straddle Hold
  • Elbow Split
  • Twisted Straddle
  • Twisted Split
  • Elbow Ball On Top
  • Single Elbow Straddle On Top
  • Elbow Stag On Top
  • Single Elbow Hang On The Strop

Which elbow hang is your favourite? xx