Happy New Year! It’s that time of year again where I’m sitting down to write my new years resolutions. They usually include: eat less chocolate (I’m currently finishing off the last of the quality street, Christmas calories still don’t count, right?!), do more ab workouts and get into a gym routine. Everyone has different goals for their pole and aerial training so I’ve put together a list of great resolutions that can help you with your goals!

I Will Not Be Unrealistic

I do this every year and every year I fail and get disheartened. It’s definitely a good idea to push yourself but try to have goals that are realistic. This will be much more motivating as you can see yourself achieving them. For example, if you attend one class a week and want to increase that, have your goal to attend two classes a week, or one class and one at home workout, rather than trying to attend five classes a week straight away. If you have just started pole, a good goal is to invert or learn a routine. For silks a good goal is to climb to the top.

I Will Use My Time Productively

This is right at the top of my new years resolutions list! I spend so much of my training time on my phone looking at moves to try. I’m sure if I spent that time actually practising, I’d be in Cirque Du Soleil right now (ok maybe not but you get my point!) I think it’s harder when you train alone as you have no-one to tell you what to do, but I also have students that spend half the lesson chatting. If you train alone, make sure you have a plan before you get to the studio, make a list of moves you want to do and put your phone out of the way. I wrote a blog post on ways to become more productive Good Habits to get into for the New Year which has a few more ideas. If you go to lessons make an effort to do as much as you can. If the equipment is free then use it, do all the moves on both sides, write down what you want to practise at home, do core exercises while you’re waiting for your turn. I always feel so much better after a practise session if I have really tried hard.

I Will Nail X Move

At the start of the year, or if I have had a break from training, I will write down a few moves that I am determined to nail. I usually have a couple that I think will be quite doable. I’ll also have a couple that are likely to take months/years. The ones that are doable are great for a short term goal and will keep my motivation up for the ones that will take longer. For the moves that will take longer, I work on the moves I need to do to build up to the final move. I have explained this more in my Tips to Nail that Trick! blog post.

I Will Stretch Consistently

Little and often guys, little and often. This is the key to becoming more flexible. It’s so much better to stretch for 15 minutes 5 days a week, than do an hour once a week and nothing in between. There are some great yoga flow or stretching videos on youtube that you can follow at home.

I Will Build More Booty

Okay, so not everyone wants to grow a bigger butt. Working on building leg strength is one of those things that pole dancers and aerialists often put to the bottom of the pile. Having strong legs and glutes may not be as important as having strong arms and core but it is still important. It will take pressure off your arms when climbing. It will also will help to grip so you can rely on your legs more to hold you in so many moves and transitions!

I Will Do Core Exercises At Home

This is one of my resolutions. Aerial and pole is amazing for your core, and it’s easier when our cores are stronger. Doing something like a plank a day will make everything feel so much easier! Or if you have more time, doing a core workout with a few different exercises is even better as you’ll hit muscles that your regular training may have missed.

I Will Increase My Cardio

Having good cardio fitness is amazing for improving your pole and aerial. It makes it easier to practise for longer, put more moves together in combinations and do routines. There are ways to work on cardio at the same time as being in the air, doing more flow and routines is a great way, or trying to do as many moves as possible without touching the floor is sure to get you out of breath! Or you can do something completely different to cross train and increase your cardio fitness, things like running, swimming and cycling are amazing! HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is by far my favourite, it’s hell but it doesn’t last for long! Even something as simple as walking can make so much difference. I’m lucky that I have a dog so I have no choice but to walk for an hour a day.

I Will Listen To My Body

It’s so easy to get caught up in trying to do as much as possible, when sometimes, the best thing you can do is rest. You’re more likely to become injured if you don’t rest enough or if you ignore a niggle and keep training through it, then you might have to have a much longer time off. If you are feeling under the weather and just want a night at home, then have a night off, as long as it’s not too often you will still make progress. Pole and aerial is supposed to be enjoyable, the worst thing you can do is force yourself to keep going when you really don’t want to. Try not to beat yourself up if you can’t train as often as you’d like sometimes. I’ve learnt this year to take mental health just as seriously as physical health, you only have one mind and one body! It’s good to have a break sometimes, absence makes the heart grow fonder after all!

What are your New Years Resolutions? xx