Footlock rolls are some of the first dynamic moves you’ll learn on the aerial silks. They can be tricky to get into but they are very fun to come out of!

Footlock Rolls

They are done with one foot locked in both silks. They are great because you are up in the silks for a while getting into and out of the move. This is really good for building your stamina and strength. Getting into them can be hard as you need to pull yourself up. You also need to make sure the silk stays under your knee by pushing it down to your ankle. Once you are have completed one roll though it’s a good time to have a rest and shake out your arms. You can do as many rolls as your flexibility and strength allow. I tend to do 2 or 3 depending on whether I want to breathe or not! If you want to increase your strength, have a look at my Aerial Silks Conditioning Exercises. Most of my students enjoy coming out of them as the momentum almost carries you out and can make you feel like you’re spinning quite fast.

The Moves

I have included 3 rolls in the below video. They are:

  • Forward footlock roll
  • Backward footlock roll
  • Alternative footlock roll

I hope you enjoy trying these! xx