Somehow I’ve had a 3 week break, ahh!

I planned two of those weeks. Christmas is my time to completely relax and see if I can eat my own body weight in chocolate (I think I nearly managed it!). I have been loving letting my body really recover. I also love to let my mind think about other things and smother myself in moisturiser!

Then my first week back teaching and I found myself drowning in admin, and suddenly it’s been 3 weeks. Luckily I teach, so although I hadn’t been able to train I was still doing moves, Warm ups and stretches. But I’m still feeling heavy and seem to have lost my pain tolerance!
Pole after a break

Back to training

I had my first proper session back a few days ago and I trained silks, it felt amazing!! I’d forgotten how much I love it! Yes the top of the silks seemed further away than normal and it did feel slightly harder, but no where near as bad as I was expecting.

Most people dread that first session back (not going to lie, I may have put it off a bit!). They worry that they will have lost all of their strength, flexibility and forgotten all their moves, but I promise it won’t be like that! I hadn’t forgotten anything and I hadn’t lost much strength, it was definitely worth it!

If you’re coming back after a long break it will be harder. You just need to take it slow and try not to get frustrated if you now can’t do moves that you used to find easy, it will come back. Just take it slow, build your strength back up gradually and enjoy going back over basic moves. You have the perfect opportunity to redo moves that you struggled with, go over anything new that’s been invented and make good any bad habits you may have gotten into the first time around! Check out these Good Habits to get into.

I rewrote my syllabuses over my time off and rediscovered loads of moves that I’d forgotten about so I went over some of those and a couple of new drops I wanted to try. I had planned on going over old moves that I know really well and find easy, this is what I usually recommend someone coming back after a break to do but sometimes you just have to go with what you feel. Luckily I didn’t do anything difficult and I didn’t feel sore the next day. I think that’s what I needed, just a fun session doing fun moves to reignite my interest.  I’m now in a good mindset for training in 2017.

Have you just had a break? How did you feel after your first session back? xx