I always find a belay is one of those really frustrating wraps that looks so much easier than it is! To be honest, I've never really gotten on with the belay, no matter where I have the silks it always seems to feel like they're crushing my organs! But the shapes you can make from a belay can be so beautiful, so I've been including it in my training more than usual and actually really enjoying it!

Beautiful Shapes

Having two tails and a loop to play with means the belay is such a versatile move and there're an almost endless amount of shapes you can make. Here I have included my 12 favourites:

  • Seat, silks on back
  • Seat, silks under bum
  • Dancer pose
  • Coffin
  • Split
  • Hocks
  • Single leg hang
  • Inverted pike
  • Inverted split
  • Crucifix
  • Star
  • Wristlock split

If you want to try move gorgeous silks moves, check out these Double Footlock Moves.

Be unique,
Robyn xx