A gazelle is such a gorgeous and versatile move. You can learn it as a beginner move or do harder variations. You don’t need to be flexible to be able to do a gazelle. If you are close to the splits though it can make some of them look really impressive.


Gazelles can feel quite unstable, the no handed ones still scare me! I need to have the hoop right in the middle of my butt to feel secure. I also have a fairly small hoop which helps. Depending on your leg length and hoop size you will probably need to wiggle around slightly to find your comfortable spot.

The Variations

The variations I have included in this video are:

  • Bent knee
  • Bent knee no handed
  • Straight legged
  • Straight legged no handed
  • Straight legged 2 handed
  • Bent leg allegra
  • Straight leg allegra
  • French gazelle
  • Extreme French gazelle

Which variation is your favourite? If you enjoy these you might also like Aerial Hoop Back Balances xx