There are so many beginner aerial silks moves out there! It can be a bit daunting when you start going to lessons. I know when I first started silks, climbing to the top seemed impossible! I try to teach moves in a rough order of difficulty. We start with climbing the silks (which is definitely not the easiest but so good to practise!). We then go onto moves using a knot in the silks for support and footlock moves. Once a student feels comfortable doing these, we’ll gradually add harder moves and link them together into combinations and eventually routines.

I’ve put together my 10 beginner silks moves that I teach in the first few lessons. Just remember, everyone progresses at different levels and everyone has different strengths and weakness. It doesn’t matter if you get these first time you try them, or it takes weeks. As long as you’re having fun and progressing at the level you want to that’s all that matters! Once you’re happy with these, you could try some Aerial Silks Double Footlock Moves

The moves

The beginner aerial silks moves included in this video are:

  • French climb
  • Footlock
  • Figurehead forward
  • Figurehead backward
  • Splits overhead
  • Candy cane
  • Straddle on the knot
  • Pike on the knot
  • Scorpio on the knot
  • Cocoon

I hope you enjoy these moves as much as I do! How long have you been doing aerial silks?