A couple of my students recently have been asking about what they need to do to improve during their lessons, without having to break the bank and come to 5 a week! It got me thinking, often it’s the simplest, easiest changes that are the most effective. Most people have limited time to train and have lessons so it’s great to really make the most of this time.

Cross train

The best way to become better at something is to practise it, this is so true! But often we can benefit by adding other activities into our training. When I started silks it massively improved my grip on the pole and hoop, and when I started hoop I found that no other pain felt as bad! Running a couple of times a week is amazing cardio which will make routines feel easier and adding in some leg workouts will help with how well you grip and aid your upper body.
Gym rings

Be consistent

This is what I struggle with the most! I get so excited and into training and getting whatever moves I’m working on that the time just flies an suddenly I realise I’ve trained for 2hours a day everyday and I’m burnt out and need a week off. It’s better to train 1/2/3 times a week every week than 6 days one week and nothing the next. Try to plan your lessons in advance so you can see exactly how often you’re practising. This will help to prevent you becoming injured, fatigued and overall you could end up losing strength instead of gaining it.

Train both sides

No-one wants to be hench on one side with nothing on the other! Train both sides will keep your body equal and it will make combinations and routines easier as you won’t have to worry about being on your good side.


This is my favourite! If you body is telling you it needs time off then give it time off. I used to get so caught up in training and teaching that I forgot to take days off, now I’ve learnt my lesson and make sure I don’t train on my days off from teaching so my body has 2 aerial free days a week. Don’t worry that you’ll lose loads of strength if you have to have a week off, it may feel slightly harder but you’ll probably come back feeling refreshed!

Train moves almost to perfection

When you’re practising a move, try to do it so you could perform it in your sleep. I’m such a perfectionist so this comes naturally to me but I know it’s so tempting try a move a couple of times then want to move on. This will end up giving you dozens of moves that you can only just do so you probably wouldn’t be able to put these into combinations or routines. Just keep going over it until it feels fairly easy. And don’t give up on a move just because you don’t get it straight away, practise makes perfect! 
Improve your hoop

Talk to your instructor

Everyone wants different things out of their lessons. If there’s a move that you desperately want to do, tell your instructor so they can help you to achieve it. They may say that you’re not quite ready, this doesn’t mean they don’t want you to ever do the move. They’ll hopefully give you conditioning exercises to make you stronger, or teach you other moves that will help.

Follow inspirational people

I lose hours scrolling through social media! Our Instagram is Unique Aerialists. I love to follow the really amazing champion polers and circus artists, in my head I’m so able to do their moves, then I get into the studio and remember that my leg doesn’t go in that position! (we all do that, right?!) So I also follow people that are roughly my level, these are the people I find myself stalking as they motivate me to try moves that are do-able and their hints and tips are usually exactly what I’m looking for. Just remember, It’s not always about the Perfect Picture

Have you got any other little tips that help you improve? xx