I feel like I got a little carried with this video. I’d forgotten just how many pole seats there are! I thought I would have about 10, I ended up filming 26!

Pole Seats

Pole seats are great. They go really well in so many combinations as you can go up into them or down into them. It looks amazing to do them on spinny pole as well as static. They also look lovely in routines. As there are so many variations there’s usually something for everyone. I generally teach the basic seat in beginners first lessons. Once you have built up some grip strength (and pain resistance!) you can progress to trying the harder variations. Most of them don’t require too much strength or flexibility but they’re so pretty so they’re perfect for pictures!  If you want other moves that are look amazing in pictures, have a look at my 25 Pole Dance Handstands and Headstands video and blog post.

The Seats

The seats I have included in this video are:

  • Basic seat
  • Peter pan
  • Split leg peter pan
  • Basic seat variation
  • Ball
  • Pike
  • Seated knot
  • Peter pan variation
  • Mermaid
  • Mermaid variation
  • Burlesque pose
  • Ball variation
  • Ball variation 2
  • Seat variation
  • Seat variation 2
  • Seat variation 3
  • Plank
  • Plank 2 handed
  • Plank variation
  • Mary poppins
  • Mary poppins bent leg
  • Mary poppins elbow hold
  • Prayer
  • Martini seat
  • Straight leg martini seat
  • Bird

I hope there are some different moves for you to try, let me know how you get on! xx