I’m totally loving handstands and headstands at the moment! I go through phases of training them lots and then not at all. I did a few during Handstand February but I’ve recently been teaching them a lot which has made me want to find fun, new variations.

Why Handstands and Headstands

I love that there are just so many shapes you can make! The best ones seem to come from just playing. which is my favourite part of pole. You can also really work to your strengths. I’m fairly flexible so I tend to go more towards the flexy variations. If you want to improve your flexibility, try some of my Back Flexibility Stretches and Leg Flexibility Stretches. If you’re super strong you’ll love the strength ones! (I definitely need to practise these more!) If you need to build up some strength, try some of my Pole Conditioning Exercises. Handstands are so good for improving your upper body and core strength, improving your balance and generally making you feel like a big kid again! Headstands are great for building confidence with going upside down, especially if you find handstands a bit scary. There are also so many positions you can do you’ll never get bored!

The Variations

There are so many things you can do with your legs and body to make handstands and headstands look amazing. I’ve included some facing the pole, facing away form the pole and to the side. I  made sure I include how you get into them as well! You can either handstand up into them or come down into them. A few of my favourites are:


  • Facing the pole – Caterpilla
  • Facing the pole – Baby butterfly
  • Facing the pole – Butterfly
  • Facing the pole – Chest press
  • Facing the pole – Toe stag
  • Facing the pole – Hairstand
  • Facing the pole – Straddle
  • Facing the pole – Tail drop
  • Facing away – Pencil
  • Facing away – Tail straddle
  • Facing away – Chair
  • Facing away – Bridge 1
  • Facing away – Russian layback
  • Facing away – Bridge 2
  • Facing away – Teardrop
  • Facing away – Bow and arrow
  • Scorpio
  • Scorpio straddle
  • Ankle scorpio


  • Pencil
  • Straddle
  • Stag
  • Chair
  • Bridge
  • Bow and arrow

I hope you enjoy trying some of these! Let me know of any others that you love xx