A footlock is one of the first moves you’ll learn on the aerial silks. There are so many moves that you use a footlock for you’ll probably do one almost every session. They can feel extremely tight after a while, generally if you swap feet and walk around between it shouldn’t feel too bad.

For Beginners

Footlock moves are great for beginners as you don’t need to worry about gripping with your feet. They also take some of the weight off your arms as your foot is so secure. These moves help you gradually build up the strength needed to progress harder moves. If you want more beginner moves, check out my Beginner Aerial Silks Moves blog post. As these moves are on both silks together, they are also less painful than double footlock moves. For more of those have a look at my Aerial Silks Double Footlock Moves blog post. If you’re happy with the moves on their own, it’s great to put them together into combinations. You can make these longer to make them more challenging.

The Moves

  • Figurehead
  • Figurehead 2
  • Splits overhead bent leg
  • Splits overhead
  • Armpit figurehead
  • Standing hip lean
  • Sitting hip lean
  • Walking man
  • Front sail
  • Back sail
  • Cocoon

Which move is your favourite? xx