When you do aerial hoop, getting into the hoop is the hardest part! It’s also the hardest bit to make look elegant! There are however, lots of different ways you can do it. Which is always good because everyone likes different things. It’s good to know the different ways to get into the hoop as they’ll help you with certain moves. It also adds a bit of variety to your training.

The Aerial Hoop Mounts

An aerial hoop mount is a way to get from the floor onto the hoop. I’ve also filmed another video on some fun ways to go from hanging underneath the hoop, to sitting in the hoop. There’s also a blooper in that video of one that didn’t quite go right!

I’ve included some basic mounts and some harder ones that may take some practise! The aerial hoop mounts are:

  • Delilah
  • Pike – Hocks
  • Straddle – Hocks
  • Single leg
  • Side mount
  • Front balance

If there are any others that you love please let me know! xx