I’ve been really enjoying training aerial hoop recently. It’s usually my least favourite because it hurts so much! I’m not sure what’s changed but I’m totally addicted again! I’ve been doing a lot of combinations which has meant I’m using different techniques to travel up and down the hoop. I love finding new ways to put moves together!

I did a blog post recently on Aerial Hoop Mounts. Once you’ve got on the hoop you can really have fun trying new ways to get up into it. There are so many! I often write routines for my students so I try to include different ways up to make the routine look interesting. Knowing different ways to get into the hoop will also make transitioning between moves a lot smoother.

The Moves

I’ve included a few from hanging underneath the hoop from a single leg or from both legs. There’s also a blooper of one that didn’t go to plan! These are my favourite ways to go from under the hoop to in the hoop:

From Delilah

  • Side pull up
  • Alternative side pull up

From a Single Leg Hang

  • Pull up
  • Russian mount
  • Monkey roll

From Hocks

  • Pull up
  • Egg roll

From Open Delilah

  • Front balance

I hope you enjoy trying these and there are a couple of new ones for you. Let me know if there are any others that you love xx