I’m so excited that aerial silks tutorials are now live on Unique Aerialists Academy and ready for you to get started straight away!

What Is Unique Aerialists Academy?

Unique Aerialists Academy is a place of learning for anyone who wants to enhance their aerial hoop and aerial silks skills, and for anyone who wants to gain access to at home workouts and flexibility routines designed specifically for aerialists. Whether you want to supplement your aerial lessons, or you're teaching or performing and would like some extra guidance and some fresh ideas.

I receive so many messages from people from all around the world asking for hints, tips and tutorials. It’s those messages that inspired me to create Unique Aerialists Academy. And it's those wonderful people who motivated me to grow Unique Aerialists Academy into the biggest library of aerial hoop tutorials in the world! Now with silks tutorials, the academy is better than ever and still growing! I add brand new videos EVERY. SINGLE. WEEK!

Why Aerial?

Aerial hoop and aerial silks are such amazing exercises for both your body and your mind. You become stronger, feel more empowered and they're really good fun! During the time you are training, you can focus completely on yourself and what your body is doing. They're so addictive they often don't feel like you're exercising! You can use the aerial apparatus to have a really hard, sweaty workout, or you put on some beautiful music and let your creative side take over (or both!)

What Does The Academy Offer?

We have the biggest library of aerial hoop tutorials in the world! I'm so excited that we have just added hundreds of aerial silks tutorials!

The tutorials are to suit every level, from beginner up to advanced.
As well as tutorials for individual moves, we also have of combinations for every level.
All of the tutorials have audio and written instruction, slow motion shots and close up shots of the awkward bits, so you can see exactly what you need to do!
Common mistakes and how to avoid them are explained and pre-requisite moves are listed and linked under every tutorial.
You can also ask questions under the videos, if you're not sure about something.

It’s not just aerial hoop and silks tutorials, we also have multiple upper body and core workouts, strength exercises, exercises to improve your grip strength and flexibility routines. These are all things that you can do at home to become a stronger, more flexible aerialist, and to improve your general fitness.

I know how important it is to bounce off other aerialists and be involved in a supportive community! Once you're a member, you can gain access to our Facebook group where you can share your successes, take part in challenges and interact with other members.

What Do I Get When I Subscribe?

By subscribing you get:

  • Access to 100’s of videos.
  • New videos added every single week.
  • Tutorials for all levels, beginner through to advanced, including combinations.
  • Aerial hoop, aerial silks, at home workouts and flexibility routines.
  • Audio and written instruction.
  • Slow motion and close up shots.
  • Common mistakes and how to avoid them.
  • Linked pre-requisites.
  • Ask questions about each video.
  • Access to all of the videos 24/7, anywhere in the world.
  • Access the academy from your computer, tablet and mobile.
  • Access the members only Facebook group.

You Do You

You can tailor your subscription to your needs, you can choose from:

  • Hoop only (including warm up and cool down, at home workouts and flexibility routines)
  • Silks only (including warm up and cool down, at home workouts and flexibility routines)
  • Hoop and Silks (including warm up and cool down, at home workouts and flexibility routines)

Easy Come, Easy Go

I'm confident that you're going to love what the academy offers! That's why I'm passionate about the academy being completely transparent, you can look through the whole website and see exactly what and how many videos you will get access to, before you buy a membership! You can also cancel anytime, if you cancel you will still have access to the tutorials until the end of the month/year you have paid for, you then won't be charged again. You will be more than welcome to resubscribe anytime!

How Do I Subscribe?!

Subscribing is super quick and simple. Just go to Unique Aerialists Academy and you can be started in minutes. I’m so excited to share this with you! If you have any questions, please feel free to email me [email protected] xx