Simple yet important is exactly how I would describe these aerial silks inverts.

Choices, Choices

There are quite literally hundreds of creative wraps you can do on the silks. When I started planning this blog post and video, I had quite a long list of inverted shapes to include. But I wanted it to be a short list of the very basic invert wraps, so I narrowed it down to the ones I think are important. An inside leg hook (Catchers), and outside leg hook (Outside Leg Hang) and a crochet (Crucifix). These 3 wraps are probably the first inverted moves you will learn. They are also great for putting into combinations and routines as you can transition into so many moves from all of them!

The Inverts

In this video I will show you an example of the 3 basic aerial silks inverts.

  • Catchers
  • Outside Leg Hang
  • Crucifix

What other inverts do you think are super important? xx