Can I use a menstrual cup when I’m doing aerial/pole? Recently, I’ve been seeing this question all. the. time! The short answer, is (in my experience,) yes!

What Is A Menstrual Cup?

A menstrual cup is made from soft, silicon rubber and is inserted into your vagina to collect blood during your period. You take it out to empty it every 4-12 hours, rinse/clean it then reinsert it. They are reusable and are designed to last for years!

At a time where the world is becoming much more conscious of our impact on the environment, a menstrual cup is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to tampons and pads, which usually end up in landfill and the sea. It also works out cheaper than buying tampons/pads every month! You don’t have to take it out it as regularly as tampons/pads and you have a much lower risk of Toxic Shock Syndrome than if you use tampons.

My Experience

I bought a menstrual cup a few months ago after seeing them popping up in discussions and adverts. I was drawn to them because of how eco-friendly they are. I’ve also never really been comfortable with the thought of putting tampons into my body every month knowing that they could be doing me damage, and pads just feel big and bulky, especially under tiny pole shorts or tight leggings. So, a menstrual cup seemed an interesting alternative.

There are so many different brands out there, after doing some research I bought a Mooncup. I had read a lot of people saying that the first few times getting it in and out can turn into a bloodbath! So, I made sure that I wasn’t in a rush the first time I used it (I definitely recommend giving yourself time so you can be relaxed!) and to be honest, it was fine. I had to play around with how I held it and it took a few goes to do be able to put it in and out quickly and smoothly. But the longest it ever took to get it in the right place was a few minutes when I first used it. I’ve never struggled to find it to take it out and haven’t spilled anything. That being said, I still can’t work out here to take it out without it ‘pinging’ me but as that’s the worst thing, I can live with it until I get the right technique! I had to cut the stem the first time I used it to make it the right length for me, now I completely forget about it once it’s in.


I was most concerned about it leaking while I was up in the air. I teach 5-8 hours of aerial silks, aerial hoop and pole most days + weight training at the gym so it has a lot of upside down/legs in splits/jumping around to contend with!For the first couple of days of the first couple of periods, I wore a pad when I wore the menstrual cup to make sure I was safe. I was hoping it wouldn’t leak but I was expecting maybe a little bit, particularly if I was doing a lot of demoing. I can hand on heart say it hasn’t leaked once! I’m so impressed and so pleased! I still keep a tampon with me, just in case. I think the longer I use the menstrual cup, the more I won’t think about having a back up.

Obviously it isn’t for everyone, and everyone will have different experiences. I have heard that some people have to try some different brands to find the menstrual cup that works for them so maybe I have been very lucky with my experience. Personally, I can’t see myself going back to tampons/pads and I find the menstrual cup to be perfect for aerial/pole!

What are your experiences? xx