A split move is always a crowd pleaser and for good reason! It takes flexibility and strength to get a good split, both of which take time and effort to achieve. Luckily, a lot of split moves on the hoop can be an illusion. If you know the right position to hold the camera and which way to angle your body, you can make a split move look amazing, even if you’re not quite there yet!

Splits, Splits And More Splits

There are so many split moves out there! You can do them under the hoop, in the hoop, on top of the hoop and using the strop. There are moves that you need a true split to get into them, some that are optical splits and some that don’t require any flexibility at all. If you want to become more flexible, you can try some of my Leg Stretches To Get Your Splits to help. I have picked a little bit of everything for this video. All the moves are listed below, I also have step by step tutorials for most of these beautiful moves at Unique Aerialists Academy.

The Moves

  • Optical split under the hoop
  • Splits under the hoop
  • Alien splits under the hoop
  • Wineglass
  • Hip hold split
  • Splits away
  • Amazon split
  • Angel split
  • Optical split in the hoop
  • Inverted bird of paradise
  • Gazelle split leg
  • Chest stand split
  • Hocks split
  • Shoulderstand split
  • Russian split overhand grip
  • Russian split
  • Vertical split
  • Bird of paradise

Which of these is your favourite? xx