Most people know that I’m a little (a lot!) obsessed with all things pole and aerial. I’ve gone from attending one class a week to teaching for hours everyday and having my own studio!
pole and aerial move

The Addiction Begins

I’ve always been into fitness and trying new things. I must’ve tried every sport there is over the years hoping that something would stick and become a hobby. I first came across pole after seeing pictures posted on facebook. They were of a couple of friends doing the most amazing moves! I had never really heard of it before then but as soon as I saw those I began researching more about this new and exciting sport. I quickly lost hours watching youtube videos, I knew I had to try it! This is a blog post I recently wrote on why it is so amazing Why Aerial and Pole

First Pole Lesson

I’m not going to lie, walking into my first lesson was scary! I knew I had to wear shorts but I worried that my shorts would be too short or too long. I worried that the other students would be mega fit and I’d look ridiculous next the them. Well, I definitely didn’t have to worry about my shorts being too short! It was a little bit like being the new girl at school again.

It didn’t take long to realise that the other students were all normal women. Everyone was there to have fun and do something that makes them feel good, the same as me. I really struggled during the first few weeks, luckily I was fairly strong but I had no sense of balance or co-ordination (this has only slightly improved!) and slippery hands with no grip strength (this improved massively!) but the class was a mixed ability and seeing the more advanced students doing these incredible moves spurred me on to keep training, my goal was to be as good as them!

Now Aerial Silks And Aerial Hoop

I am always captivated by how elegant aerial silks and aerial hoop look, I became interested in learning. Unfortunately there weren’t any schools near me so I booked a private lesson at a school a couple of hours away, in my head I would find it really easy and whizz through the moves because I had done pole, how wrong I was! It was definitely an advantage to have done pole for a while as I had built up some strength but they were different enough to make me realise I would have to put in a lot of time and effort to get to the level I wanted. I completely fell in love with hoop and silks and became addicted straight away.

aerial silks move                                       aerial hoop move

6 years after starting pole and 5 years after starting aerial hoop and aerial silks I still get excited to train, spend hours watching videos and dreaming of moves that one day I’ll be able to master. xx

How did you get into aerial?