There’re so many different sports and hobbies out there to try. Hanging upside down in aerial silks, balancing on a hoop and twirling round a pole just isn’t on everyone’s radar. Here are my top reasons why I think it should be!

Builds strength

Spinning, climbing, dropping, even just getting up into the hoop requires a degree of strength. You will be focused on trying to achieve the moves that you won’t even realise how much your muscles are working and how much strength you’re gradually building up! Pole, aerial hoop and aerial silks works out your core muscle constantly to stabilise your body and hold all of or part of your weight in a position. Aerial silks move

Builds confidence

There’s something about being suspended off the floor that builds your confidence instantly! Taking part in pole/aerial classes not only makes you look amazing, it also makes you feel amazing! Finally getting that super hard move you’ve been working on for ages literally makes you feel on top of the world! Or putting on your highest heels and slinking round the pole, even if no-one else can see you, will make you walk with a little smile, knowing the sexy shapes you were making. Plus, knowing you can probably throw anyone that touches you is a big confidence boost 😉

Releases your creativity

There’re not many activities out there where you can have a really sweaty hard session and feel every muscle in your body shaking, or you can put on your favourite music and just dance. There are so many things you can do within your training sessions from writing routines, putting together combinations to coming up with new moves that really let your creative side run wild! It can cater to any type of creativity, I’m find it hard to get going writing routines however I love to freestyle 🙂

Increases flexibility

During your pole/aerial sessions you’ll often find that you’ll be stretching without really trying (which I think is the best kind of stretching!). Doing any exercise makes your muscles warm and pliable, and with pole/aerial you’ll be stretching even just slightly either to get into moves or to make moves look better, the more advanced you get you may try moves that require flexibility to do them so practising those moves will actively increase your flexibility. If you’re attending a lesson there will probably be some amount of stretching at the end which will continue to help get those lovely splits and back bends! 
Pole splits

Meet new people

So many of my friends have come from the pole/aerial world. When you’re in a lesson all trying to get the same move it’s hard not to feel a connection with each other. It’s such a friendly and supportive community with everyone wanting each other to do well, the atmosphere at competitions and events is amazing. It has a big online community so even if there’s no where to go for lessons in your area there will always be support online and people willing you on and keeping you motivated. If you’re thinking about going to your first lesson or you’ve moved and are nervous attending a new school, please don’t be, we’re a friendly bunch 🙂

Its so much fun!!

Lets face it, a lot of what we do is just like being a kid again. Find out here How my love Affair began. xx