There’re all sorts of reasons we might need to take a break from aerial, holiday/financial/injury etc. Having a rest week can be good for us. But it can be very frustrating to feel like your strength is decreasing and you have no option to train or get to lessons! I’ve listed a few tips to keeping your strength up when you can’t get to a studio.

Do Other Exercise

Of course, the best way to build your strength for aerial is to do aerial. If this isn’t possible then keeping fit generally will help for when you go back. Any form of exercise will be beneficial. My students that are fit and have active lifestyles progress so much quicker than students with more sedentary lifestyles, even if the less fit students attend aerial lessons more often. You can do at home workouts targeting your core and upper body, on Unique Aerialists Academy we have a category of at home workouts designed specifically for aerialists. We also have stand alone packages of Toe Point Exercises, Grip Strength Exercises and Core Workouts. Doing cardio exercise will help your stamina when you’re back in the air. Doing resistance workouts will build your strength.

Keep A Stretching Routine

Having a break from doing aerial is the perfect opportunity to spend more time stretching! Stretching can be done at home and you don’t need any equipment. We also have flexibility routines on Unique Aerialists Academy. By working on your splits, you could go back to aerial knowing you can nail a new move or make old moves look even better! Spending a few minutes stretching after every workout, or doing a dedicated stretching session a few times a week can make so much difference to your flexibility.


Eat Healthily

It’s so easy to use not training as a reason to eat all of the food! I know I’ve done this before! But eating good, nutritious food will give you more energy to be active and help your muscles recover, which in turn will make maintaining your strength while you’re on a break easier. It’s also so much harder to climb the silks if you have lost strength and you’re heavier than you used to be!

Make A Plan

Hopefully your break won’t be for long, writing down moves you want to try and combinations you want to go over is really good motivation for doing those at home workouts! You can also mentally practise moves so when you’re back on the equipment, you’re really well prepared and you can get the most out of your session. Check out my blog post Coming Back After A Pole/Aerial Break for ideas on what to do on your first session back.

What do you do to maintain your strength when you’re on a break? xx