A pull up is an amazing exercise! They increase the strength in your back, shoulders and arms, you can do them with hardly any equipment, and they make you feel totally badass!

Why a Pull Up?

Pull ups work the same muscles that we use for practising aerial. This means that by doing pull ups at home, we’re making ourselves stronger for when we get to the studio. As well as building all the right muscles, they improve our posture and improve grip strength. All of this helps us to become better aerialists and reduces our risk of injury.

Doing a pull up is a great goal to have, but it is hard and can seem impossible when you first try it. I have put together a video of the progressions you can do to build up to achieving a pull up. I have included exercises for complete beginners who are working on keeping their bodyweight off the ground, through to people who can almost complete a pull up! Work through the exercises at your own pace, skip ones that you find easy and spend as long as you need on the exercises you find hard, until they feel comfortable. The key is to practise little and often, and be consistent with your training. It’s also great to do some at home core and upper body workouts when you don’t have access to a pull up bar, I have loads on Unique Aerialists Academy for you to do.

How are you pull ups?

Robyn xx