Using a knot on the aerial silks is really helpful. It creates more stability, gets you used to going upside down and helps to build strength. The moves also link together well so work nicely in combinations.

Seated Knot Moves

For this blog post, I’m going to focus on seated knot moves. This is where the knot in the aerial silks is either low enough to sit on. Or you can make the loop big and use that to climb into it. Most of these moves are upright so they’re good to do at the end of a lesson when you’re tired. Or if you have a head rush after doing too many inverted moves! (Just me?) They’re are also really good if you’re fairly beginner. You can put them together in loads of combinations without getting a sore foot from having to do footlocks! Some of them also require good balance and core strength so it’s worth going over them if you’re more advanced. If you want to try other knot moves, have a looks at my Aerial Silks Knot Moves and Aerial Silks Knot Drops blog posts.

The Moves

  • Fairy
  • Layback
  • Gazelle
  • Cradle
  • Coffin
  • Man in the moon
  • Hocks

I hope you have fun with these! Let me know what other knot moves you love xx