Hip hold moves are so painful but they look so good! Most of my students don’t like doing them but they look amazing in pictures and go really well with lots of other moves.

Hip hold Variations

Hip holds are not too painful if you have the hoop in the right place. The hoop should be at the top of your thigh, just below the crease. You may bruise when you’re learning them but it should get better the more you practise them. You can go into hip holds from underneath the hoop, or from sitting in the hoop and roll down. This is really good for being able to put them together into combinations and routines.

The Variations

The variations is have included in this video are:

  • Straddle
  • Ball
  • Pike
  • Twisted straddle
  • Splits
  • Bird of paradise splits
  • Elbow hold
  • Half hip hold

I hope you find these useful! If you enjoy this, you might also want to try 9 Gazelle Variations xx