Hands up who loves aerial silks drops?! I love them!! Recently I’ve been doing a lot more drops using a knot tied in the silks. I really like them because they feel a lot more secure than other drops. They also seem to have less to think about (less that can go wrong!) than other sorts of drops.

When you’re doing these make sure you keep your body tight. The drops where you roll 360 remember to keep your arms out so you don’t shoot straight through the middle! Although these are all relatively safe drops, this video is not a tutorial, always practise silks with an instructor or someone else present, be safe guys!

The drops

I have included 8 knot drops in the video, they are:

  • Hip lock – Scorpio
  • Scorpio drop
  • Front dive
  • Slack drop
  • Hocks drop
  • Skin the cat drop
  • Straddle drop
  • Double straddle drop

Have fun with these! If you’re looking for more drops, these are my Top 10 Aerial Silks Intermediate Drops. Are there any other knot drops that you know? xx