Back balances on the aerial hoop used to be my nemesis. Now that I’m more experienced I’ve grown to love them! They are always such “wow” moves, but once you have the knack they’re not too hard.

Back balances

I used to find these so difficult to get into. It definitely takes confidence to almost slide into them rather than awkwardly shuffle all the way. I also find having a naturally curvy back cough butt cough really helps to get the hoop in the right place! To improve your back bend, try some of my Back Flexibility Stretches. If you’re not quite ready for these back balances, have a look at my 10 Beginner Aerial Hoop Moves.

Everyone has the hoop in slightly different places. I generally find for most back balances, you want the hoop on your lower back, usually where the top of your leggings sit. For pike back balance you want to go through slightly further, so the hoop is a tiny bit higher. For full back balances the hoop will be more on your butt.

The Moves

  • Star on the bar
  • Half back balance
  • Half back balance cocoon
  • Pike back balance
  • Pike back balance bent legs
  • Pike back balance cross legged
  • Wineglass back balance
  • Twisted half back balance
  • Full back balance
  • Stag back balance

I hope you have fun with these back balances! xx