When people think of aerial hoop, a man in the moon is usually the move they think of! I remember being so excited when I did my first ever man in the moon. It’s still one of my favourites! The move is just so classic and iconic of aerial hoop.

Man in the moon

I love playing around with combinations and the man in the moon flows really nicely with so many moves! It’s also a good resting move so I tend to put it in the middle of routines a lot, just point your toes, let your arms hang down and it looks pretty! It’s one of the first moves you’ll probably learn, for beginners it’s perfect as you can try taking your hands off and still be pretty stable in the hoop. You can try some variations to make it look a bit different (and feel completely different!) Or if you’re more advanced you can try turning it upside down, which once you’re in it actually feels quite secure.

The Variations  

I hope you enjoy trying these variations, let me know which one is your favourite! xx