There are so many wristlock moves out there! There are ones that are good for conditioning, ones that stretch you, pretty ones, one handed ones, the list is endless! I had almost forgotten about wristlocks until recently, one of my students wanted to try a couple. Going through some of my old videos reignited my passion for them!


A wristlock is where you lock your wrist(s) in the silks so you can do a variety of moves. As your wrist is locked, it enables you to hold on for longer and be more secure because you’re not relying purely on your grip. They are amazing for doing conditioning exercises. Check out this blog post if you want to try other Aerial Silks Conditioning Exercises. You can focus on the movement and push yourself harder than if you were just holding on. You can practise building up strength for single arm hangs, without burning your fingertips! There are also lots of really pretty moves! As your hands are in the same position you can put a few together into combinations, they can flow really well.

The Moves

Both hands

  • Straddle
  • Pike
  • Stag
  • Splits
  • Fang – if you want to improve you back flexibility, try some of my Back Flexibility Stretches
  • Mexican
  • Side straddle
  • Bow and arrow
  • Pencil
  • Skin the cat
  • Fang (middle)
  • Thread the needle

Single hand

  • Meathook
  • Ball
  • Single arm hang leg variations

I feel like I got carried away with these! Which ones are your favourites? xx