I love drops on the aerial silks! For me, drops are the best (and scariest) thing about silks. I think I may be a secret adrenalin junkie. It’s always best to start off small, but even the smallest drops can be terrifying the first time you try them. There are so many drops out there, and new ones being created all the time. You’ll never run out of new ones to learn.

Safety First

To do most drops, you need to be able to do an aerial invert and get the silks wrapped exactly right. Anything in the silks can be very dangerous, drops even more so! Make sure you only do drops when you have someone experienced with you! Also make sure you know how far you’re going to drop. Some silks are more stretchy so you will need to start higher so you don’t hit the floor. Always have a big crash mat just in case. If you want to see some easier drop, check out my Aerial Silks Knot Drops post.

The Drops

In the video, I have filmed intermediate level aerial silks drops. I have tried to include a variety so whatever types of drops you prefer there should be something for you!

  • Slack drop
  • Star drop
  • Front dive – Star drop
  • Salto
  • Figure of 8 thigh wrap drop
  • Crucifix roll down
  • Straddle drop (holding silks)
  • Straddle drop (wrapped legs)
  • Hocks drop
  • Tick tock drop

Let me know how you get on with these and if you have any others that you really like xx