It’s that time of year again where everyone seems to be getting ill. I am currently in my pyjamas with a cup of tea and my dog and cat snuggled up, which is definitely the best way to get better! But what do you do if you have a lesson or training session booked in? I know most of us would have to be feeling very crappy to contemplate missing any classes!

General rule

As a general rule, if you have symptoms above the neck (sore throat, runny nose, teary eyes) then it is fine to exercise. If your symptoms are below the neck (chest pains, muscle aches, fever) then it’s best to avoid it.

Take it easy

If you are just feeling a bit sniffly then you will probably feel better by going. If you cancel a class or don’t train every time you feel a bit run down then you could end up cancelling loads! Exercise helps to clear the airways which will make it easier for you to breathe. It also releases feel good endorphins that will put you in an amazing mood! Plus if you’re not expecting to have a good session then anything that goes well will be a bonus! If after the warm up you’re not feeling it, it’s the perfect time to work on your easy moves. Don’t push yourself to try hard tricks, you could have a fun session doing flow.
Aerial silks sail

Listen to your body

I am a massive believer in listening to your body! Rest is amazing for helping you get over a cold and if you really feel awful and just want to stay at home, don’t feel guilty about doing it! Often it’s better to have a couple cosy sofa days than trying to push through it and making yourself worse. And your instructor definitely won’t appreciate you coming to class and passing it on to everyone! Also everything seems to hurt so much more when you’re ill 🙁 so don’t worry if you need to miss a session, you’ll be raring to go when you feel better! If you have lost motivation for going to classes, fine out here how to get it back!

Now I’m going to finish my tea and try to get better for my classes tomorrow! xx