The splits, I’d never really thought about them until I started doing pole and aerial arts, now sometimes I feel like I can’t think about anything else! Having a flat split seems to be everyone’s goal at the moment, and once you have a flat split it’s all about trying to achieve the oversplit!

I’ve put together my 10 favourite stretches for getting those perfect splits. Sitting in your splits is really good practise but it’s still really important and really helpful to stretch the other muscles in your legs to assist in getting good overall leg flexibility.

With stretching to improve flexibility, consistency is key. It’s better to stretch for 15 minutes throughout the week than have one intense session occasionally. Make sure you’re really warmed up before you stretch, it’ll make it feel so much easier and help prevent you becoming injured. Try to hold each pose for about 1 minute and do both sides.

If something is hurting then stop, or if you’re feeling sore or tired then take it easy. Being more flexible is not something to become injured for! Just breathe and enjoy it 🙂 If you also want to improve your back flexibility, try some of my Back Flexibility Stretches.


Do you have any other leg stretches that you love?

Happy stretching xx