Whether you do aerial silks, aerial hoop or pole dance, having good back flexibility has so many benefits! When you get more advanced there are certain moves that you have to be flexible to even be able to attempt (Rainbow Marchenko I’m talking about you!). Or if you have your sights set a little lower, having a more flexible back makes even a simple aerial hoop Delilah look amazing!

With stretching to improve flexibility, consistency is key. It’s better to stretch for 15 minutes throughout the week than have one intense session occasionally. Make sure you’re really warmed up before you stretch, it’ll make it feel so much easier and help prevent you becoming injured. Try to hold each pose for about 1 minute.

You only have one back so treat it kindly. If something is hurting then stop, or if you’re feeling sore or tired then take it easy. Being more flexible is not worth becoming injured! Just breathe and enjoy it 🙂 If you also want to improve your leg flexibility, try some of my Leg Stretches to get your Splits.


There are so many back stretches that you can do, I’ve picked my top 10 that stretch all areas of your back. Do you have any other back stretch that you swear by?

Happy stretching xx