You wouldn’t think it, but this picture took me about 10 minutes to get. 10 minutes of trying to get the right amount of spin so I got all angles but not too much that it was blurry. Changing leg positions, looking up, down, to the side. Checking the video, taking screenshots and trying again to get it Instagram perfect. It’s not even a move! Us aerialists and polers are such a nightmare for this, I know I’m not alone, right?
aerial hoop

No pictures please!

Since social media has taken off, I feel like I’m training more for Instagram Unique Aerialists than I am for myself. I get very little time to train at the moment so when I do I feel like I have to do something pretty to post on social media. I didn’t realise how much of the fun it was taking away! Recently I had a few days off so I took the opportunity to train properly, it felt so good to do what I wanted even if I knew I wasn’t going to get a good picture at the end of it! It made me really remember how much I love aerial and pole and reassess my relationship with getting that perfect picture.

Enjoy the journey

There’s so much more to pole and aerial than the end picture. Learning aerial arts and pole dance is a journey. You may make some amazing new friends, you’ll definitely feel muscles you didn’t know you had! Some moves you’ll get straight away and some will take years. You need to be able to do the basics to make the harder moves feel easier. There’re pretty moves, impressive moves, ugly moves, crotch shot moves, moves that don’t hurt and moves that really hurt, the list is endless! The basic moves may not look as impressive but you’ll hopefully enjoy learning them just as much! Leave your phone in your bag for a couple of sessions and just work on moves that you really want to. You’ll probably be surprised by what you end up doing and how much you enjoy it! Here are some of my Small Tips to Improve your Pole and Aerial.

You are not defined by ‘likes’

You have an amazing lesson, nail a trick that you’ve been working on for ages and take a picture that you love, it doesn’t matter if you post it or how many likes it gets. The fact that you had a great time and you’re happy with it is that only thing that matters. I’m been so much happier since I’ve starting thinking like this 🙂 I know some amazing polers and aerialists that don’t post on social media, it doesn’t make them any less badass!

Now I’m going dance like no-ones watching! xx