A hiplock is also commonly known as a hipkey. It is a move in which you have the silks wrapped around your upper thighs and roll into them so they come across your hips and lock you into place. Once you’re in it you need to squeeze everything! It should feel secure and not painful, which is my favourite kind of move!

A Hiplock / Hipkey

A hiplock can be done on either one or two silks and there are many ways to get into it. In the video I have shown my top 7. I find it usually takes a few goes to get the hang of it, then once you can do it you wondered how you couldn’t do it before!A hiplock is great because you can get a feel of it if you’re fairly beginner or do it up higher and put it into combinations if you’re more advanced. See my Aerial Silks Climbs post on different climbs you can do to put together with an air hiplock.

The Entries

  • Baby hiplock
  • Standard hiplock
  • Hiplock from an invert
  • Hiplock from a climb
  • Single silk hiplock from a climb
  • Hiplock from a catches
  • Hiplock from an outside leg hang

Let me know if there are any other entries that you love! xx